Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thrift Stores & Dollar Tree...Got To Love Them

Up this morning and determined to get a lot of things done today.  My husband is home from the tug after a rough flight into Philadelphia airport in a thunderstorm on Wednesday (after a two hour delay flying out of Florida and about an hour of circling Philly).  Yikes!  He sleeps most of the first day he is home, but is getting back in the swing of things now and will be grilling for us tonight and tomorrow. Go, hubby!

Got a few things to show you today, then it's back to business.  Today I want to share with you more thrift store and Dollar Tree finds.  These are from my most recent trips off the island.  I'm afraid if I lived off the island I would never have a cent to my name between thrift stores, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby & Michael's, Sonic and Panera.  

First, here is a cheap Fall spruce up to the crock in my living room that belonged to my Nanny.  All of the florals came from Dollar Tree and came to a grand total of about $8 including the little green foam brick I stuck them in.  I like how it turned out!  

This picture has a look at the corner of my living room. I have a lot of items that belonged to my Nanny & Dada, from their house where I grew up.

Nanny, Dada, and me


In that living room pic you can also see a wooden candle stick up on the shelf that came in one of my recent thrift store hauls.  It was either 50 cents or $1, but it looks nice up there with with a wax dipped timer battery candle I got from ebay.  I love those timer candles that turn themselves on and off at the same time each day!

I haven't had a chance to post any pictures of the things I got when we were away on our trip last weekend.  So here's a look:

my new $2.50 Nine West purse and $4 giant heavy glass bowl from Halo Ministries Thrift Store (Snow Hill Rd in Salisbury - great place!)  In the picture below is the mirror I got from Rt. 346 Emporium in Parsonsburg, and the thrift store wall pocket I fixed up for my door, but decided to keep in the kitchen.  The mirror was $15, which I think was a good deal for it's size, and it looks really nice over my buffet.

Take a look at Lucky the Cat watching me type my blog from atop the one piece of furniture (other than the table) he knows he is not supposed to get on, which of course he has claimed as his "special place".  And he knows I won't do anything to him either, cause he's my "baby".  smh

I am also trying to list a few things for sale on ebay today, and bring down some stuff from my attic to finish my Fall decorating and have a small yard sale.  It's busy, busy, busy here again today!   Cue up "The Busy Song" and let's sing once again.  Have a great weekend!

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